HeadshotHi, my name is Damian Papworth and this is my Isagenix website. I am an independent Associate of Isagenix and all the information on this website is basically my story having used the products for a number of years, my interpretation of why the products work for me and links to various resources, including the Isagenix Products if you are interested in having a look at them.

Recently I went through one of those stages in life many of us do, having a family. In my case, we had our first child in 2008, our second in 2011 and our third 2013. Three children within 5 years, while I was also running a small but reasonably successful online marketing agency. Out of everything I had back then, time became the scarce resource. So over those years I gradually stopped exercising and started looking for shortcuts with meal preparation.

I got lazy.

So my waistline started expanding. My shirts got tighter. My belt buckle started using wider notches. But worst of all, my energy started to drop. So as my energy dropped, I looked to coffee for quick bursts, I did less exercise and I looked for more shortcuts. It became a bit of a spiral. I needed to do something to really put a full stop on what I was doing and kick start my energy again. Thankfully I purchased the Isagenix Presidents Pak and at the start of the second week of the program, I was running again. That's how quick the energy came back. Over the 30 day program, my waistline came in by 6 inches. That is a whopping 15cms. And my energy... wow. Now I am thinking about going back and competing in the Coolangatta Gold again.

Needless to say I was a convert. I still use Isagenix every day today and am happy to recommend it. I am a real person, so if you would like more information, you are welcome to call me. Goodluck with your commitment to healthy living.

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